Wall Coverings

Your walls tell a story about you and your lifestyle. The wall colors and textures form the frame around everything else you do inside your home or office. The Godwin Upholstery & Interiors designers will help you decide what type of wall covering is best for your home or office.  Our designers can show you a wide range of wall covering and help you make a choice that will enhance the other elements of your interior design – and make a statement about you and your home or office.

Godwin upholstery wallpaper samples

Wallpaper Samples

From traditional classic wallpapers to the latest contemporary trends in wall coverings and decorative accessories, Godwin offers a superior selection of home décor products.

Godwin upholstery plank paneling

Plank Paneling

Plank paneling is a solid wood product usually milled from hardwood stock or made from planks. Most plank paneling has a tongue milled into one edge and a groove milled into the other. This design makes it possible to nail through the tongue of one board and hide the nails with the groove of the next. Most plank paneling comes in widths from 2 1/2″ to 8″.

Godwin Upholstery sheet paneling

Sheet Paneling

Sheet paneling is a 4′ x 8′ plywood product that usually mimics the look of plank paneling. The sheets are larger and install faster than plank paneling. Sheet paneling is also available with wallpaper designs, faux brick or stone laminated to its face.

Godwin Upholstery Wainscoting


Wainscoting is similar to sheet paneling, but usually goes only 1/3 of the way up a wall, where it is capped by chair rail molding.  Typically, the area above the wainscoting is painted, textured or covered with wallpaper.

Godwin Interior Wall Tile

Wall Tile

Ceramic wall tile is either vitreous or glazed, giving it a high resistance to water absorption. This moisture resistance makes wall tile an excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom walls.

The Godwin Upholstery & Interiors team will help you decide what type of wall covering is best for your home or office.