Complimentary Decorating Consultation

Godwin staff decorators will meet with you to discuss your project at no cost to you.

In this meeting, we will learn about your lifestyle and the project requirements so we can deliver a solution that meets your needs, excites your senses and doesn’t bust your budget.

Godwin’s interior decoration consultation is best suited for people who are working with a limited budget but are still interested in good design.

This service is ideal for residential or commercial customers who want to implement a design over time as resources allow.  We work best with individuals who want to work with one or two rooms instead of major projects.

Our trained interior decorator professionals will help you by answering your basic design questions and providing feedback on what constitutes good design so you can proceed with your project with full confidence.

We invite you to call the decorating professionals at Godwin Upholstery and Interiors (727.443.2974) for all your decorating needs.

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