Commercial Decorating Services


In today’s world, we spend as much time at the office as we do at home.  As a result, it is increasingly important to create comfortable and inviting commercial spaces that make us feel good.

At Godwin, we specialize in commercial decorating services, and we are happy to work with you to convert your office or commercial space.

Our goal at Godwin Upholstery & Interiors is to ensure that your office space enhances the image of your company.

Whether your office is in a downtown building or just off your kitchen at home, the commercial decorators at Godwin Upholstery & Interiors will work to create a work environment that is functional and pleasing – and promotes productivity.

We meet with you to learn what will best suit your office or commercial environment needs. We discover the types of tasks performed, the type of furniture desired, and the overall appearance of the space. From there, we put the information in motion with a custom proposal. Once these are finalized, we oversee the project through completion.


A very important and frequently overlooked part of decorating an office or commercial space is forming an effective and efficient implementation plan that produces what you want within the budget you have set.

Challenge us and see how our Hand Holding service can transform your office space – on time and within your budget.